Kuhinja | Restoran Manufaktura Beograd

Delicacies from the grill, specialties under the bell, meat on the spit, desserts from the grandma’s kitchen, refreshments from Greece, secrets of the Bulgarian cuisine, Macedonian dainties, all on the same table.

Citat | Restoran Manufaktura Beograd

The food from our menu combines the tastes from several countries: starting from the domestic specialties under the bell, southern dainties from the grill, all the way to Macedonia and Greece which revealed to us some of their finest culinary secrets. This cultural and gastronomic relation can be felt both in the food and the atmosphere of this restaurant.

Grill: the smell gathers friends, and the taste makes them stay. Not many things are as appetising as the traces of a heated grill on the juicy, roasted meat and its aroma after being removed from the hot coal.

Bell: a clay or metal lid, covered by embers and hidden in the hearth, under which the finest pieces of meat, domestic potato, or bread are slowly simmered.

Spit: the way to prepare the best roasted meat. A crispy crust and soft meat, roasted above the fire for hours, according to the recipe of the best Serbian householders.