Namirnice | Restoran Manufaktura Beograd

Grilled meat from Leskovac. Cabbage from Futog. Goat cheese from Fruška Gora. Peppers from Donja Lokošnica. “Tobacco” pork cracklings from Valjevo. “Ironed” sausage from Pirot.

Taste Serbia | Manufaktura Restaurant Belgrade

All groceries used during the food preparation in Manufaktura originate from Serbia and are carefully selected so that the final product could meet the highest criteria of taste and nutrition. The ingredients are organic and supplied from domestic farmers who let our cooks take care of them, since they know all the secrets of food preparation that provide the original taste and quality to our guests.

The shop selling tastes and smells of households throughout Serbia, as well as passion, skills, and devotion. The products are traditionally packed.

Dried delicatessen meat, organically grown fruit and vegetables, cheese from various parts of Serbia, high quality meat of Mangalitsa, and many other different Balkan delicacies are presented to guests in the cold kitchen where they can try and buy them.

Each drink from our selection has its own story and origin. Our friendships with small family-owned distilleries and wineries throughout Serbia have brought to us the tastes and flavours we are proud of. Each glass has its own name and surname, each fruit has the hand that picked it, and each bottle has the rich history that we share with our guests with pleasure.

Domestic wines that can compete with the French ones, from Serbian vineyards, of indigenous grape species, made by the traditional recipes, and stored in family-owned wineries and hand-made barrels.

Citat | Restoran Manufaktura Beograd

Plum, quince, apricot brandy, flavoured brandy prepared in Serbian households from hand-picked fruit and water from the cleanest springs, and then stored in wooden barrels, long enough for it to acquire the softness and smoothness of the finest cognac.